Lots of news for you ZenCats!  We have been hard at work fundraising to create “The ZenCat Café & Adoption Center!”  Our GoFundMe campaign is only $800 short of our $3,000 goal.  So please contribute NOW!  We will send you a “Thank You” gift!

We are also having a FUNDRAISER at The Wine Bistro (Clintonville) on Sunday, 4/24 from 5-8pm!  From 5-6pm, Artist Katie Fowle will offer a fabulous ZenCat Calm & Consciousness Journal Making Workshop!  The workshop is limited to only 15 participants.  The cost is $30/person donation (all materials provided).  From 6-8pm will be the Silent Auction & Raffle!  Total proceeds from this fundraiser will go to creating the “ZenCat Café & Adoption CenterCat Cafe image!”  To attend the workshop, email Victoria@ZenCatGallery.com ASAP!

The business model for ZenCat Gallery is shifting as well.  Now 100% of all proceeds of this site will benefit the creation of the ZCCAC (ZenCat Café & Adoption Center).  It is truly “All hands (paws) on deck!” as we move toward actualizing this amazing vision for Greater Columbus.  We are making steady progress toward this goal.  Many of you have been cheering us on.  However we will need your financial support to help us get there, and for you to be part of this creation.  Remember, “It takes a village.”

Here is how YOU can help!

1.)  Click on our “GoFundMe” link and DONATE!  We only need an additional $800 to reach our campaign goal!

2.)  ATTEND our Fundraiser on April 24th!  Sign up for the special workshop & stay for the raffle & silent auction!

3.)  SHARE with your family and friends about our GoFundMe campaign + our Fundraiser!!!!



Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary





Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays to all of our feline fanatic friends out there!  We are totally focused on our year-end fundraising effort.  Our goal is $3000 and we still must raise $1075 by January 1st Here is the link for our campaign:   www.GoFundMe.com/zencatcafe.  No donation is too small.  We so appreciate each and every bit of support.


This is why we need the ZenCat Café.  The café as we envision it, will not only be a lifesaver for felines in Columbus, but also a source of love and peace in our community.  Here are some kitties currently in foster care with the PetPromise volunteers.  If we had ZenCat Café up and running right now, these beautiful felines would call the café their HOME.  Of course, they would be hanging out with our patrons and would likely each be adopted.  But the ZenCat Café would be HOME to wonderful cats like these.  Let me introduce you to six of them in need of adoption.  (Currently PetPromise has about 50 kitties in foster care, all awaiting adoption. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADOPT ANY OF THESE KITTIES, PLEASE VISIT WWW.PETPROMISE.ORG)


Chatter - PetPromiseMeet Chatter!  Chatter was found as a kitten and was very shy. He is a beautiful rare red tabby.  Chatter is still getting to know that people are good. He loves to be petted if you are sitting down and he loves other cats. Chatter will need a person who understands cats and lets him get to know you on his terms and timeline.





Ping - PetPromiseMeet Ping!  Ping was rescued as a kitten with his brother Pong. Pong was the more outgoing of the 2 kittens and got adopted very quickly. Ping was more wary of people and took some time to get to know that people are good.

He is now a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle in bed with you!  Ping is great with other cats and with dogs too!







Tequila - PetPromiseMeet Tequila!  Tequila and her sister Margarita were brought to us as 6 week old kittens. A kind gentleman had cared for them until they could survive on their own. Tequila is super spunky and talkative and a little sassy. She gets along well with other cats and dogs.  Tequila loves to play with her special cat toy and often carries it around in her mouth!  Awwwww…….totally cute!





Margarita - PetPromiseMeet Margarita!  Margarita and her sister Tequila were brought to us as 6 week old kittens. A kind gentleman had cared for them until they could survive on their own. Margarita is super sweet and gets along great with other cats and dogs.  Margarita gets nervous at adoption events and has been passed over because of this.  She really is a super sweet cat that deserves her forever home!






Chardonnay - PetPromiseMeet Chardonnay!  Chardonnay was a young teenager when she found herself outside, dumped and pregnant. She had 3 babies and was a great mommy cat. PetPromise was able to get Chardonnay into a foster home where she is learning that people are good. Chardonnay is very sweet and calm and loves to be petted. She does not like to be picked up so she needs someone to let her come to you on her own terms. She desperately wants love and a home of her own.  (UPDATE:  Chardonnay was adopted just this week!  Yay!!!)







Onyx - PetPromiseMeet Onyx!  Onyx was rescued from a very bad situation in the Miller Kelton area. The house from which she and her sibling were rescued was not safe.  Onyx and her sibling were not being taken care of and there were several other cats there, also neglected, abandoned and fending for themselves. PetPromise helped to get sweet Onyx out of that situation and into a foster home where she has thrived. She is available for adoption now!




Hopefully you see why we want to create a warm, cozy, amazing space for people to “get their calm on” with kitties purring nearby.  Everyone should have a place they can feel comfortable and safe in, and call “home.”  Please help us to help them.  DONATE NOW…..WWW.GOFUNDME.COM/ZENCATCAFE


Happiest of Holidays to all of you!

~ Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary