About Us

Our presence is dedicated to honoring and increasing the positive visibility of cats. Our mission includes providing more avenues for connection in the feline community as well as supporting feline welfare.  Our fundraising is to create the “ZenCat Café & Adoption Center” here in Greater Columbus.

Our website has five areas of focus:

  • A unique directory of cat-related products & services
  • Feline-themed original artwork & products, a virtual gallery & on-line store
  • Enlightening & inspiring information about cats
  • A forum for connecting cat people
  • “Feline Assistance Fund” – all sales + fundraiser proceeds support the creation of the “ZenCat Café & Adoption Center”

Directory listings and business ads can be purchased on a monthly basis. A rate sheet for ads and listings as well as for sponsorship of events is available. All non-profit organizations receive a complimentary directory listing. A portion of all website proceeds and all revenue from our special events benefit our Feline Assistance Fund (FAF). We welcome your support and participation!

We invite you to join us and to offer your support and participation in the following ways:

  • Purchase directory listings & business ads.
  • Display our business cards in your business/office.
  • Attend our ZCG-sponsored events.
  • “Like” us + post to our Facebook page.
  • Tell all your friends & colleagues about ZenCat Gallery & link to us on your website.
  • Purchase our wonderful products & art for yourself & for others.

~ Victoria A. Vetere, Life Coach & ZenCat Visionary

~ Michelle Schumaker, Social Media Maven

~ CJ’s Web Services, Web Consultant

About the ZenCat Team

Victoria A. Vetere, Life Coach & ZenCat Visionary

Merriweather and WilliowHi, we’re Merriweather (pastel calico) and Willow (pastel tortie), and we’d like to introduce you to our mom. She’s been wanting to create a cat-themed gallery for many years and we helped to keep her inspiration going! She thinks we’re so graceful and beautiful, so peaceful and poised — so what better way to feature our kind but through art! As you see, we all like to read, to enjoy a good book with a cup of tea by the fireplace. (We warm our bellies and mom drinks the tea.) We have some great ideas to share so we’ll use our powers of kitty telepathy so our mom can bring our genius your way through ZenCat Gallery!



~ m2p2,
Merriweather & Willow

(p.s. Oh, she’s also a Life Coach, so visit her website at: www.EnlightenedLifeCoaching.com. She loves to inspire people to live out their truest dreams. We think she’s doing a pretty good job of “walking her talk”, but we’re a little partial.)


Michelle Schumaker, Social Media Maven

MillieHello, my name is Millie Thomas and I want to take a moment to introduce you to my mom. She’s fancy and outgoing, like me. Which is why we make such a good match! We first met at Colony Cats Adoption Center. I could tell then she was new to this kitty thing, yet here we are almost three years later and she’s so in love. I can’t even count the number of kisses I get each day. I’m pretty sure I’ve changed her life in all the best ways.

My mom will be keeping you cool cats consciously connected through ZCG social media! Stay tuned, visit often and enjoy.




CJ’s Web Services, Web Consultant

ZenCat LogoCJ’s Web Services a freelance web site design company owned by Clinton Mobley, an animal lover who designs: complete web sites, WordPress installations and customizations. Visit their website to learn all about how they can help your business!