Calendars & Posters for CAT CAFE

Our NEW ZenCat Calendar & Yoga Poster ARE HERE!!! We showed them off at the recent PetPromise Rescue Run! And now they are available through our website store!

Wish you had a convenient and adorable desk calendar? One that would remind you to keep your cool even on the most stressful days? Well we have just the answer! Our amazing ZenCat artist Debbie Hicks has created a beautiful calendar of her awesome calligraphic cat drawings. And she has signed each and every limited edition calendar! What…..a calendar beginning with the month of June? YES! Here at ZenCat Gallery, we decided to begin the new year with National Cat Month (June!) What a brilliant idea, and a more favorable time of year to make good on all those unfulfilled resolutions!

And to make things even more exciting….we created an equally adorable yoga poster featuring our very own ZenCat in all twelve yoga poses!!! Now with a bit of practice, you can be almost as flexible as your cat!

ALL THE CALENDAR AND POSTER PROCEEDS WILL HELP US TO CREATE THE ZENCAT CAFE OF COLUMBUS!!! What’s a cat cafe? It’s a cross between a cafe + an adoption center! A totally relaxing oasis where you can read, listen to music, use your tablet, connect with friends, and hang out with fabulous felines!!!! We have all sorts of great plans up our sleeve……so stay tuned!

But to make this happen…….we are relying on YOU to donate by ordering calendars and posters for you, your family, your friends, your co-workers… get the picture, right?

Click on the images in the right hand column and you will land in our ZenCat store where you can order NOW!!! Also, please SHARE THE LINKS WITH YOUR CIRCLES on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram….EVERYWHERE!

We are counting on you to help us make this vision a reality very, very soon!

~Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary

(p.s. Please remember that these are Limited Edition calendars & posters! We only have a limited number available!)

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