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Back by popular demand!  Our holiday fundraiser featuring signature ZenCat Yoga apparel!  Click on our homepage Teespring link to see all the great choices!  We offer yoga tanks (three styles with color choices for each), t-shirts, and sweatshirts this year.  And even a mug & sticker for good measure!  All featuring the Cat Pose ZenCat by artist Debbie Hicks of Xenia, Ohio.  We also have our signature posters with twelve yoga poses all drawn by Debbie (see right homepage column).  All of these make AWESOME HOLIDAY GIFTS!  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO OUR ZENCAT CAFE & ADOPTION CENTER FUND!


Here’s an update on our fundraising.  Over this past year ZCG has held three fundraisers (at Powell Village Winery last September, our journal making workshop last May, and our rock painting workshop in June).  All were successful and well attended.  Everyone has a wonderful time at our events, and feels good supporting our fundraising initiative.  Stay tuned for another event in the upcoming months!


The vision for the ZenCat Café & Adoption Center is to be a comfortable home that we will purchase in North Columbus.  This initiative will be a joint venture together with our partners at PetPromise.  Amy Bull, Director of the City Kitty program and food pantry is working with me to create the business plan and vision for our café & center.  Grand visions take time and resources.  That’s where YOU come in.


How YOU can help……..

Support our Teespring campaign (BUY for yourself & others!)

WEAR our yoga apparel proudly & promote our campaign

SHARE on social media about our campaign & encourage your friends and family to support us

Attend our upcoming events!


Ok, now click and be part of our vision for Columbus!   Remember, it’s “BUY, WEAR, SHARE” …….thank you!!!


See you soon,

Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary

Apparel Fundraising ZenCat

Hey all you ZenCats, join us next weekend at this great new event!  It’s the Pet Connections of Central Ohio Pet Expo & Symposium at the Columbus Convention Center!  And it’s this coming weekend, October 15-16.   There’s even a Pet Walk & Costume Contest on Friday night at Goodale Park!


Here’s the magic link:


ZenCat Gallery will be there!  Look for our booth with lots of awesome fundraising goodies!  Come buy our signature tees, new ZenCat Yoga Tanks (two styles), framed and unframed ZenCat Yoga Posters, and ZenCat Yoga Journals!  ALL PROCEEDS TO OUR ZENCAT CAFE FUND!!! 


YES, we continue to fundraise!!!  As you may know, our vision is to purchase a property to become the ZenCat Café & Adoption Center!  It will be ART GALLERY + WORLD CAFE+ ADOPTION CENTER!!!  We will be a place to “get your calm on!”


See you all at the EXPO next weekend!  Please SHARE, POST, PIN, TWEET, EMAIL, ETC. THE ABOVE LINK!!!


~Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary

Events Expo & Symposium Fundraising ZenCat

Hello all you Zencats!  Wanted to update you on our events and plans.  First, big thanks to everyone who attended our Kitty Rock Painting Party on June 4th.  Check out our FB page for some photos of the beautiful and fun creations of our participants.  Katie said everyone was so absorbed in their creativity that you could hear a pin drop!  It is so good for the body and soul to enter the creative flow, no matter what the activity.  We at ZCG know this and want to provide you with more opportunities to enter the zone!  So we are now planning a series of creative events, hopefully at the High Road Gallery (which is so lovely), throughout 2016. 


Our fundraising continues toward the creation of the ZenCat Café & Adoption Center.  We are making steady progress toward making this vision a reality.  Once created, the ZCC&AC will be a café + art gallery (cat-themed & zen style) + adoption center.  We are interested in the NE section of Columbus for this venture.  Stay tuned as we develop our vision.


It takes a village.  How true this is.  And this is where YOU come in.  Here’s how you can help us.

1.)  SHARE about our FB page and website, and LIKE us!

2.)  DONATE to our ongoing GoFundMe campaign.   Link is on our homepage.

3.)  BUY when we run TeeSpring campaigns.  BUY our signature YOGA POSTER!

4.)  ATTEND our upcoming FUNdraising events!


Stay tuned…….and keep purring,

Victoria, ZenCat Visionary


Events Fundraising ZenCat


Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays to all of our feline fanatic friends out there!  We are totally focused on our year-end fundraising effort.  Our goal is $3000 and we still must raise $1075 by January 1st Here is the link for our campaign:  No donation is too small.  We so appreciate each and every bit of support.


This is why we need the ZenCat Café.  The café as we envision it, will not only be a lifesaver for felines in Columbus, but also a source of love and peace in our community.  Here are some kitties currently in foster care with the PetPromise volunteers.  If we had ZenCat Café up and running right now, these beautiful felines would call the café their HOME.  Of course, they would be hanging out with our patrons and would likely each be adopted.  But the ZenCat Café would be HOME to wonderful cats like these.  Let me introduce you to six of them in need of adoption.  (Currently PetPromise has about 50 kitties in foster care, all awaiting adoption. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADOPT ANY OF THESE KITTIES, PLEASE VISIT WWW.PETPROMISE.ORG)


Chatter - PetPromiseMeet Chatter!  Chatter was found as a kitten and was very shy. He is a beautiful rare red tabby.  Chatter is still getting to know that people are good. He loves to be petted if you are sitting down and he loves other cats. Chatter will need a person who understands cats and lets him get to know you on his terms and timeline.





Ping - PetPromiseMeet Ping!  Ping was rescued as a kitten with his brother Pong. Pong was the more outgoing of the 2 kittens and got adopted very quickly. Ping was more wary of people and took some time to get to know that people are good.

He is now a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle in bed with you!  Ping is great with other cats and with dogs too!







Tequila - PetPromiseMeet Tequila!  Tequila and her sister Margarita were brought to us as 6 week old kittens. A kind gentleman had cared for them until they could survive on their own. Tequila is super spunky and talkative and a little sassy. She gets along well with other cats and dogs.  Tequila loves to play with her special cat toy and often carries it around in her mouth!  Awwwww…….totally cute!





Margarita - PetPromiseMeet Margarita!  Margarita and her sister Tequila were brought to us as 6 week old kittens. A kind gentleman had cared for them until they could survive on their own. Margarita is super sweet and gets along great with other cats and dogs.  Margarita gets nervous at adoption events and has been passed over because of this.  She really is a super sweet cat that deserves her forever home!






Chardonnay - PetPromiseMeet Chardonnay!  Chardonnay was a young teenager when she found herself outside, dumped and pregnant. She had 3 babies and was a great mommy cat. PetPromise was able to get Chardonnay into a foster home where she is learning that people are good. Chardonnay is very sweet and calm and loves to be petted. She does not like to be picked up so she needs someone to let her come to you on her own terms. She desperately wants love and a home of her own.  (UPDATE:  Chardonnay was adopted just this week!  Yay!!!)







Onyx - PetPromiseMeet Onyx!  Onyx was rescued from a very bad situation in the Miller Kelton area. The house from which she and her sibling were rescued was not safe.  Onyx and her sibling were not being taken care of and there were several other cats there, also neglected, abandoned and fending for themselves. PetPromise helped to get sweet Onyx out of that situation and into a foster home where she has thrived. She is available for adoption now!




Hopefully you see why we want to create a warm, cozy, amazing space for people to “get their calm on” with kitties purring nearby.  Everyone should have a place they can feel comfortable and safe in, and call “home.”  Please help us to help them.  DONATE NOW…..WWW.GOFUNDME.COM/ZENCATCAFE


Happiest of Holidays to all of you!

~ Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary


It’s Halloween and what a TREAT we get here at! OUR WEBSITE IS NEWLY REVISED! WE ARE NOW MOBILE FRIENDLY!!! Thanks to our awesome web consultant, CJ’s Web Services, we can now be easily navigated by any mobile device! How cool is that?

Click around and take a test drive of our updated website! Soon we will be building out our Directory to be the cat’s meow of all things feline! (Kind of the Angie’s list of the cat world!) We are currently looking for a ZCG Team Member to assist us with this project. So contact us if you are interested! (Work from home, commission paid, sales experience preferred, and lots of feline fun!)

We will also be adding more products , including real snazzy signature t-shirts, and more art! We have some really unique additions, so visit us often to see what pops up!

We have been working very hard fundraising to create our vision, the ZenCat Café of Columbus. Our new friends at Imgur are running some campaigns with new ZenCat yoga shirt designs, which will appear on our Home Page. There are long sleeved t-shirts and hoodies and sweatshirts for the upcoming cold months. So many color and design choices….click the link on the right and check them out. THEY WILL MAKE AWESOME HOLIDAY GIFTS (HINT, HINT, HINT!) We all know that cats are born yoginis, so let them show off their moves on your very own ZenCat yoga shirt! (All yoga cat designs are done by our very own ZCG artist, Debbie Hicks!)

Our GoFundMe fundraising campaign is still up and running. Donors will receive either a ZenCat Calendar (goes through May 2016) or our ZenCat Yoga poster! Both have received RAVE REVIEWS! These would make your yoga loving feline fanatic friends totally ecstatic, especially when paired with one of our signature ZenCat yoga shirts! (More HINTS!) SO PLEASE DONATE AND BE PART OF CREATING THE ZENCAT CAFÉ OF COLUMBUS!!!

Stay tuned……
Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary


Wow…what an absolutely beautiful evening it was for our first ZenCat Café Fundraiser! We raised about $700 through our Silent Auction, Raffle, and T-Shirt & ZenCat Wine sales! Jeff Kirby, owner of The Powell Village Winery also graciously donated 10% of the evening’s food & wine sales! Thank you so very much Jeff for hosting the event and for your kind donation!

BOTTLES OF SIGNATURE ZENCAT MOSCATO ARE STILL AVAILABLE @ The Powell Village Winery! Jeff makes the most delicious wines and this one is AWESOME! Buy some for yourself as well as for gifts NOW as SUPPLY IS VERY LIMITED!!! ($20 per bottle).

We also have some LIMITED EDITION ZENCAT GALLERY T-SHIRTS for sale!!! Contact to purchase ($20/each).

We want to thank so many people who made this event a success! First we wish to thank our two musician/performers, Mike Sedmak from Dayton, and Columbus’ own Donna Mogavero! Check out our Facebook posts to hear how amazing they sounded!!! They both donated their time to come and play for our guests and made the evening even more beautiful!

Thank you to our very own ZenCat Rhonda Hirt for her expert graphic design talent, and to both Rhonda and Eliza Quay for doing every little thing to make the event a success!!!

We also want to thank all of our Silent Auction and Raffle donors including: Katie Fowle (artist); Rendezvous Salon; Evolved Body Art & Jewelry; Eliza Quay (jewelry artist); Rhonda Hirt (photographic artist & graphic designer); Delaware Soap & Candle Company; A Piece of Cake (artisan bakery); Annette Rentenberg (recycled materials artist); Michael Sherrow (Powell Wood Turning); Debbie Hicks (artist for ZenCat Desk Calendar & Yoga Poster).


We need your continued support and here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Tell all your friends about our GoFundMe campaign
  2. Donate to our GoFundMe campaign
  3. Ask all your friends to “like” our ZenCat Gallery Facebook page
  4. Buy ZenCat Signature Wine & Limited Edition T-Shirts

So stay tuned as we are already planning our next ZenCat Café Fundraiser!!!

Meow, meow, purr, purr,
Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary


We are gearing up for our ZenCat Café FUNdraiser THIS FRIDAY 9/18 (6-9pm) at The Powell Village Winery! Each day it seems we add something fabulous to the line-up! Check out our new TeeSpring campaign featuring our new Signature ZenCat Gallery shirts! They are available for a LIMITED TIME, so order yours NOW! At the fundraiser, we will have a small number of specially printed shirts with this Signature logo! These will go to our raffle winners!

You really don’t want to miss this event! There will be a Signature Label ZenCat Gallery wine available at the event! Buy lots for gifts (holiday season is just around the corner!) And we are receiving the most awesome Silent Auction donations for you to bid on! All proceeds from this event will go to our ZenCat Café building fund!!!

We just learned that our friend Tashin Ali will join us creating Henna Body Art (cats, of course!) Check out this amazing artist at:

And we also just heard that our friend Donna Mogavero will be performing from 7-8pm!!! She’s awesome! Check her out at:

We are SO EXCITED to meet all of you and have some feline fanatic fun!!! Our ZCG designer diva Rhonda Hirt and I are creating a “character board” to display what the proposed ZenCat Café will look and feel like! Come see the display of the nation’s first art space + cat café!

This is going to be “the cat’s meeeeoooow!” So gather up all your cat loving friends and head to The Powell Winery THIS Friday evening!!!

Purrrrrr…..see you there!


Our NEW ZenCat Calendar & Yoga Poster ARE HERE!!! We showed them off at the recent PetPromise Rescue Run! And now they are available through our website store!

Wish you had a convenient and adorable desk calendar? One that would remind you to keep your cool even on the most stressful days? Well we have just the answer! Our amazing ZenCat artist Debbie Hicks has created a beautiful calendar of her awesome calligraphic cat drawings. And she has signed each and every limited edition calendar! What…..a calendar beginning with the month of June? YES! Here at ZenCat Gallery, we decided to begin the new year with National Cat Month (June!) What a brilliant idea, and a more favorable time of year to make good on all those unfulfilled resolutions!

And to make things even more exciting….we created an equally adorable yoga poster featuring our very own ZenCat in all twelve yoga poses!!! Now with a bit of practice, you can be almost as flexible as your cat!

ALL THE CALENDAR AND POSTER PROCEEDS WILL HELP US TO CREATE THE ZENCAT CAFE OF COLUMBUS!!! What’s a cat cafe? It’s a cross between a cafe + an adoption center! A totally relaxing oasis where you can read, listen to music, use your tablet, connect with friends, and hang out with fabulous felines!!!! We have all sorts of great plans up our sleeve……so stay tuned!

But to make this happen…….we are relying on YOU to donate by ordering calendars and posters for you, your family, your friends, your co-workers… get the picture, right?

Click on the images in the right hand column and you will land in our ZenCat store where you can order NOW!!! Also, please SHARE THE LINKS WITH YOUR CIRCLES on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram….EVERYWHERE!

We are counting on you to help us make this vision a reality very, very soon!

~Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary

(p.s. Please remember that these are Limited Edition calendars & posters! We only have a limited number available!)


Start your holiday weekend at the PetPromise Rescue Run! We will be there to debut our LIMITED EDITION ZenCat Calendar & our ZenCat Yoga Poster! Soon available on our website…..we’re unveiling them at this yearly fabulous fundraiser for PetPromise! (We will have mini-artworks from ZenCat Gallery also available with proceeds to the PetPromise City Kitty program!)

These are nifty stand-up desk calendars featuring the feline artwork of artist Debbie Hicks! In fact, each calendar is signed by the artist! Our poster features our very own ZenCat in all twelve yoga poses! (Make this your daily practice and become almost as flexible as your cat!) Each calendar is $14.95, and each poster is $7.95. All proceeds go to our non-profit CAT CAFE fund! Yes, we are planning to create a CAT CAFE right here in Columbus! What is a cat café? Read our blog post to find out —

Go to to participate in this yearly fundraiser for PetPromise (dogs love the event!) And come to our booth to get YOUR LIMITED EDITION ZenCat Calendar & Poster! Now that’s the cat’s MEOOOW!

~Victoria, ZenCat Visionary


What a great time we had at our May ZCG Social Salon at LaChatalaine! We made LOTS of adorable cat toys! Some for our own kitties and lots more for the new foster kitties in the PetPromise City Kitty Program! In fact, some of us will be attending a “Kitten Shower” tomorrow to see the wee ones play with their new fuzzy toys!

If you would like to help these new foster kitties, go to…/3NG7RP4IA1…/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_v_C-1 Do consider this super convenient way to spread the love this Spring!

Hey….some really exciting news coming very soon!

Stay tuned,

Victoria, ZenCat Visionaey



You are invited to our ZCG Social Salon for May! Let’s have a great cat chat at LaChat(alaine) in Worthington THIS FRIDAY from 6 to 8pm! It’s the purrrfect way to start out your month and end your week! Sip a delicious libation, nibble some decadent delectables, and meet some new cat loving friends.

You will also meet our new Social Media Maven, Michelle Schumaker! Check out her bio written by her girl kitty Millie! And our good friend from PetPromise, Amy Bull will be joining us too! She is the Director of the PetPromise “City Kitty” Program. Come learn more about the really important work of this program here in Greater Columbus.

In addition, we will enjoy learning to make DIY cat toys!!! Pimo catnip and all the materials will be provided! I know your cat will agree….it just doesn’t get any better than that! Meeeoooow!

So zip on over to our Facebook page and tell us you are “interested,” then join us on Friday for our ZCG Social Salon!

See you soon,
Victoria, ZenCat Visionary


What a wonderful time we all had last Saturday at our City Kitty Fundraiser! It was a gorgeous day to celebrate the first day of Spring at the beautiful All Life Center! We enjoyed the amazing talent of pianist Genene Blackwell. There were lots of tasty goodies, including a Dove Chocolate Tasting Party & organic locally produced wines. We wish to thank Kroger, Trader Joe’s, and Natural State Wines for their kind donations of food and drinks. Also thanks to Deb Weber, our Dove Chocolatier! We appreciate her kindness in donating 80% of sales to our Fundraiser! And special thanks to Dean, Dave, and Pia, without whose help we couldn’t have pulled this off!

The lovely Community Room was packed with feline fanatics & other animal lovers who supported our Silent Auction (some great buys!) and had a ball making cat toys!  We saw old friends and made many new ones!  All in all, we raised about $700 plus over 140 pounds of cat & kitty food for the PetPromise Pet Food Pantry!  These donations will make it possible to spay and neuter many free roaming cats, especially important at this time of year.  The food donations will assist those individuals who need temporary assistance to feed their cats & kittens.

Thank you to all those who attended and who donated online! YOU make this important work possible, and provide support to those special individuals who operate the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program. If you are interested in volunteering with PetPromise, please contact Amy Bull, Director & Outreach Coordinator at There are many ways in which you can assist to improve the health and well being of cats and kittens here in Greater Columbus.

ZenCat Gallery is committed to our mission of supporting local and national non-profits for feline welfare.  Each year we co-host one or two local fundraisers, as well as produce creative ventures toward a larger vision for appreciation of these beautiful animals.  Stay tuned as we share more on this in future blogs.

Please “like” our website and share with your entire circle of cat lovers, no matter where they live! Our Facebook page is where we create connection and community among feline fanatics, so visit and post often! We want to expand our community, and another way we do this is to host ZenCat Gallery Social Salons! These are local get-togethers where we enjoy creative activities and conversation! Watch for an upcoming Calendar Event posting about our next ZCG Social Salon soon!!!

Keep in touch, post, like, share, tweet about ZenCat Gallery and PetPromise!

See you soon,

Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary


Do the SPRING HAPPY DANCE with us at our fantastic feline fundraiser!!! If you thought you missed our Valentine’s Day event… are in luck! The Polar Vortex required that we reschedule. So now we can frolic like felines at this CELEBRATE-THE-FIRST-DAY-OF-SPRING fundraiser for the City Kitty (TNR) Program of PetPromise! Click our event calendar for all the awesome details!

Spring is a most wonderful season, and we want to help Greater Columbus stay ahead of the kitten count this year! Join us for a fun time meeting new feline fanatics, bidding on really great items at our Silent Auction, enjoying new taste sensations at our Dove Chocolate Tasting Party, and trying some great organic (non-sulfite) local wines at our Wine Tasting table!!! Also we will have a DIY Cat Toy Crafting table where you can make some fun new cat toys for your fave felines (and also for the foster kitties of PetPromise!)

If you love animals, and have a special fondness for felines, this is totally the event for YOU! Bring some cat loving friends along with you! Admission is only $10/person + a bag of cat or kitten food for the PetPromise Food Pantry. All event proceeds will be donated to the PetPromise City Kitty program which provides TNR (trap, neuter, return) for free roaming felines in the Greater Columbus area. This is the most powerful point of support for the cat community, reducing population growth and increasing health and well being.

This event is being held at the gorgeous All Life Center for Integrative Well Being. Check out their website and enjoy the video of this wonderful venue ( Note that this event is totally hypoallergenic! No actual cats will be at the event. They are all busy watching for the first signs of Spring! We will however have a lovely slide show of adorable adoptable cats and kittens! (Hint, hint!)

We hope that you will join us for this purrrrfectly timed fundraiser to benefit our community as well as our beautiful feline friends!

Meow, meow, purr, purr,
Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary


OMGoodness, did we say wine + chocolate??? Oh, and also delicious delectables? YOU are invited to our LoveCats Valentine’s Day Fundraiser! All proceeds will support the PetPromise City Kitty Program & PetPromise Food Pantry!!! Admission is $10 + a bag of cat/kitty food. We will have a super duper Silent Auction, a Make-A-Cat-Toy craft table, organic wine tasting, and a Dove chocolate tasting party! Look for some really unique taste treats, including drinks & dips!

The PetPromise City Kitty Program, directed by Amy Bull, provides TNR (trap, neuter, return) for free roaming cats. You will also be treated to a slide show of ADORABLE ADOPTABLE cats and kittens currently in the PetPromise adoption/rescue program! For more information on the mission and great work of PetPromise, please visit their website at:

Our event will feature a craft table where you can get hands-on experience making yarn cat toys — for your furry family & also to donate to the foster kitties! This afternoon fundraiser is sure to give you the warm fuzzies! Join us as we show our generosity & share the love we have for our fantastic felines!

The event will be held at the All Life Center ( from 2 to 5pm. Please visit their website for directions and a fabulous video tour of the property!

See you on Valentine’s Day!

Meow, meow, purr, purr,
Victoria, ZenCat Visionary



ZenCat Gallery has been invited to participate in “An Evening With The Arts” and we hope you will join us! This lovely event is Sunday, June 29 from 5:30 – 8pm at the All Life Center for Integrative Well Being. (Located at 123 Hyatts Rd. just north of Lewis Center on Rt 23). The evening will feature music including jazz, blues, and pop. There will be a poetry reading by two poets. And of course wonderful works of art! (For more info about ALC, go to

The ZenCat Gallery collection will feature several mediums, with 15% of proceeds going to our FAF (Feline Assistance Fund). We will also feature a special collection of 4″x4″ artworks with all proceeds to the “City Kitty” program. Purchase of each small artwork will fund one spay or neuter of a local feral kitty! “Help Us Help Them!”

ZCG will debut our latest three dimensional artwork — the ZCG Kitty Fur Sculpture! We will have several on display and they can be created by special order! These sweet sculptures are created by artist Susan Odell using actual cat hairs! This will make combing your kitty a joy, knowing that you will be contributing to the creation of a work of art!

We will be adding more artworks to the gallery over the summer as well. And hey, why not show up for our monthly ZCG Social Salons? This is an important part of the ZCG mission, to create a cat lover community!!! We gather to connect & share about cats, as well as to relax with good food & drink while doing something creative! Watch the event calendar for the posting of our June Social Salon! And do join us!

Hope to see you & your friends this Sunday at “An Evening With The Arts!”

Meow, Meow, Purr, Purr,

Victoria, ZenCat Visionary



Hello everyone!

Are you ready to kick off the month of June by kicking back, sipping a cool drink, and chatting with other feline lovers? Then join us at La Chatalaine in Worthington on Saturday, June 7th (4-6pm), hopefully on the patio, for a zen time! For those who wish to bring out their inner artist, we offer Zentangle meditative drawing at our salons! All materials supplied. Just bring your curiousity + creativity! Event is FREE! Those who have experienced Zentangling find it to be really relaxing and fun!

Our monthly social salons are co-hosted by PetPromise “City Kitty” Director, Amy Bull. We ask that all attendees bring a bag of cat/kitty food to donate to the “City Kitty” Food Pantry…….thank you!

ZenCat Gallery is working behind the scenes to debut some exciting additions to our online gallery! Stay tuned and share our site with your friends. Ask them to “Like” us on Facebook please!

Research shows that “dog people” readily socialize and are more outgoing than “cat people.” While it would be a bit difficult to imagine cats at a “Meow Park” (as in “Bark Park”), or enjoying a festival like “Woofstock” (“Purrrrstock”?!), we cat lovers may need to push ourselves a bit to socialize without the company of Fluffy! So don’t let the “pups on the patio” outshine ZenCats at La Chat (is this a purrrrfectly named place for us to meet, or what???!)

See you on June 7th & please RSVP to assure seating! Simply email: or click “Join” on our Facebook event page!

~ Victoria, ZenCat Visionary


Our ZCG Social Salon has been rescheduled to SATURDAY, 5/10 (4-6pm) at La Chatalaine (Worthington). Such a wonderful way to set the mood for your month, our salons are the purrrrfect chill-out choice for finicky feline fanciers! Join us for a relaxing time chatting, sipping, sharing (about our felines, of course), and Zentangling! Zentangles are black & white, pen & ink mini-artworks that will bring out your inner artist! Supplies are provided and this event is FREE of charge! (Does it get any better than that, really?!)

Our salons are co-hosted by PetPromise “City Kitty” directors. And we ask that attendees kindly bring a bag of cat/kitty food for donation to the PetPromise “City Kitty” Food Pantry. Thanks

Spend part of Mother’s Day weekend with other feline fanatics at our May ZCG Social Salon! Simply email your RSVP to to assure seating! If weather permits, we may move from fireside to patio at La Chatalaine!

More news… consider running, walking, sauntering, or just attending this year’s PetPromise Rescue Run! Go to www.PetPromise. org for information and registration. This is an awesome local organization that assists our community in fostering, adoption, and TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) services for dogs and cats. Please spread the word as this event is on SATURDAY, MAY 24th!!!!

Stay tuned as ZenCat Gallery is gearing up to launch some new additions! We will be adding to the website as well….how exciting is this?!

Meow, meow, purr, purr,

Victoria, ZenCat Visionary


Our March salon was so relaxing & enjoyable that we are Zentangling in April too! In fact, everyone loves this purrrfect combo of socializing + creativity so much that we are making Zentangling our signature salon activity! (We’ll also add in some other fun stuff to keep you on your toes!) Go to our Facebook page and check out the awesome photo of our great March group + our Zentangle creations sitting by the fireside at LaChat!

These salons are totally therapeutic! In fact, one gal who attended our March salon arrived very keyed up and left saying her stress was totally gone! Wow! With this effect, we decided to start every month in a totally zen way creating “the art of cat consciousness!”

Our salons are co-hosted by Amy Bull, Director of the “City Kitty” program of PetPromise. We ask our event attendees to kindly bring a bag of quality cat or kitty food to donate to the City Kitty feline food pantry!

So mark your calendars NOW for the ZCG Social Salon on Saturday, April 5th (4-6pm) at La Chatalaine in Worthington! Be sure to share this invitation with all your feline fanatic friends!

Meanwhile, check out our gallery for some awesome art works reflecting “the art of cat consciousness!” (Please do share with all your friends who are allergic to cats as all our art works are totally hypoallergenic!!!)

The gallery will be gearing up for Spring additions! So stay tuned………

~Victoria, ZenCat Visionary


Our ZenCat Social Salons are back by popular demand! Our MARCH Salon will feature an evening of “zentangling!” What’s that?? It is a meditative pen + ink drawing technique that anyone can do (yes, anyone!) You will absolutely love this totally zen vibe and the awesome black + white art tiles you create! (I’m hooked and think you will be too!)

All materials will be provided. This is a FREE event. You will leave with beautiful tiles that you have created and can frame! To learn more about this meditative art form, visit

What a purrrrrfect time of year to sit beside the fireplace, enjoying a warm & cozy evening doing something artsy with your feline fanatic friends! Enjoy some wonderful food and hot drinks to keep you warm all over! Bring your cat loving friends and meet some new ones!

It is so wonderful to see our cat loving community grow, and to explore creating “The Art of Cat Consciousness” with all of you! Do SPREAD THE WORD, invite your friends and family, and post on your Facebook page! Our intention is to support connections between cat lovers in an atmosphere of joy and creativity!

See you on SATURDAY, MARCH 1st from 4-6pm at LaChat in Worthington (N. High St.)!!! Now that’s the cat’s meow!

~Victoria, ZenCat Visionary
(p.s. We ask that you bring a bag of cat or kitten food for the PetPromise “City Kitty” program! Thanks!)


If you loved our May jewelry making event, you’re gonna love our June creative salon! We’re going to enjoy a sublime evening of “zentangling!” What’s that?? It is a meditative pen + ink drawing technique that anyone can do (yes, anyone!) You will absolutely love this totally zen vibe and the awesome black + white art tiles you create! (I’m hooked and think you will be too!)

All materials will be provided. Cost is $15. You will leave with beautiful tiles that you have created and can frame! To learn more about this meditative art form, visit

And what is the purrrrfect venue for this end-of-the-week “ahhhhhh” salon? Well, ZenCha Tea Salon (Short North), of course! We will enjoy their delicious delectables and awesome teas as we mingle and “tangle” in the relaxing atmosphere of my fave tea salon! I have reserved seating, but please do RSVP to our Facebook event by clicking “Join” or email me directly ( This will ensure enough supplies for everyone!

It is so wonderful to see our cat loving community grow, and to explore creating “The Art of Cat Consciousness” with all of you! Do spread the word, invite your friends and family! Our intention is to support connections between cat lovers in an atmosphere of joy and creativity!

Now that’s the cat’s meow! See you on Friday, June 28th at ZenCha (in the Short North)!

~Victoria, ZenCat Visionary


Wow, did we have a fabulous May ZCG Social Salon! Aubrey was our jewelry Diva, and mentored us with the us with the utmost patience! See her post and photo gallery on our Facebook page! See us all totally feline focused as we strung the teeny tiniest of beads onto our skinny threads! Thank you Aubrey….you totally rock!

Many of us could be seen chasing beads across the table and onto the floor! What a hoot! Yet, we made the coolest creations (see us showing them off in the photos!) Pearl beaded bracelets with gold kitty charms, and pendants with photos of our sweet kitties inside! I’ve been showing off mine since last Friday!

And we’re just getting warmed up! We have plans for monthly ZCG Social Salons throughout the summer and fall seasons! At each one we will expand our creativity and express “The Art of Cat Consciousness” while growing our great cat loving social community! (Pups on the Patio, move over!)

So watch for our next Social Salon announcement soon to come! Meanwhile, SPREAD THE WORD to your FELINE FANATIC FRIENDS!

Stay tuned……

~Victoria, ZenCat Visionary


Join us for this fabulous jewelry-making event! We’ll be making cat-themed adornments using photos of our kitties! It’s our May ZCG Social Salon on Friday, May 17th (6-8pm) at Panera Clintonville (Community Room)! Our jewelry divas, Aubrey & Amy will lead this fun-tastic event as we nosh and mingle with other feline fanatics! To register, simply email Aubrey at (& include your favorite pet photo!) She will make prints of our pics to use in our jewelry pieces! How cool is that? Materials cost for this event is $25 (payable by cash or check at the event, payable to “ZenCat Gallery”).

Check out our Facebook page to see the poster for this event! This awesome poster was created by Aubrey Almendinger & Scott Ulliman! They are our newest members of the ZenCat Gallery famiily of artists! Welcome aboard Aubrey & Scott! We have something up our sleeve for a new addition to the gallery coming over the summer months! So stay tuned…..

ZenCat Gallery offers our local monthly Social Salons to encourage community among cat lovers. If there are “pups on the patio” and events like “Woofstock” for dog lovers, why not “cats in the coffeehouse” and other events for cat lovers? It seems that dogs are about athleticism and social gathering among dog walker/owners. So why not honor the essence of cats (beauty, grace, calm, freedom) and enjoy gatherings reflecting these qualities? This is the mission of ZenCat Gallery (“the art of cat consciousness”) as is the creation of a solid and fun cat-loving community!

So get your creative juices flowing by marking your calendar for this event (Friday, 5/17 from 6-8pm), print & post copies of our fabulous poster where cat peeps hang out, share this event with your cat-loving circles, and JOIN US TO MEET + MINGLE + NOSH!

See you on the 17th!

~Victoria, ZenCat Visionary


What an awesome first ZCG Social Salon with guest speaker, Dr. Sue Wagner, intuitive + holistic veterinarian! It was a warm and cozy gathering as we packed the Clintonville Panera Community Room! I will share some of the great wisdom that Dr. Sue imparted that evening in her talk. She also answered questions from attendees which yielded some amazing answers!

Ok, so I took five pages of notes. Does that show you all what a total cat geek I am, or what?! Lucky for all of you, I’m going to share the highlights. So listen up!

The talk was entitled, “What Cats Teach Us,” however what Dr. Sue imparted was about the bigger picture too. She opened with, “Everything has a vibration.” She proceeded to give us a mini-quantum physics lesson as she explained that we are each a pebble in the pond of energy. And that an energy worker taps into the energy field (of the human or animal) and tunes it up. She shared that as she worked with animals she began to notice that the animal’s behavior or experience was reflecting the people they lived with. The work she does with animals is actually a communication from the animal to their human to teach important lessons and impart important healing information. “Animals are our soulmates to walk our journeys with us and to teach us.”

Dr. Sue taught us about the work of inventor Nikola Tesla, who invented alternating current, and whose Theory of Magnetic Resonance explains how we can work with energetic patterns to change unwanted patterns. Our families have long-standing patterns of energy that when enacted over generations create all manner of wanted and unwanted outcomes, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. She stated that it is is in the very challenges of our lives that our greatest potential and gifts can be discovered. “Something ignites the contrast and allows us to make a choice by free will. In overcoming challenges, we become energy workers. The meaning of life is to shift this stuff and express ourselves.” Animals come in to channel this wisdom and to help us to heal and evolve.

In speaking about the energy of cats, she had this to share with the group! Cats are very good about grounding things. They often hold the space for healing the household. They are less likely than dogs to get connected up with the ego needs of their owners. Dogs will attach more to their humans and reflect/manifest their human’s stuff. Cats are more independent, more themselves. They also heal moreso on their own. They don’t know why or how a cat purrs. However, cats heal each other and themselves with their purring. Purring is energy medicine! A dog’s energetic field is about 10x that of a human. A cat’s is about the size of an entire city block! “Their energy field is so big. They are so connected, more openly intuitive. All cats are wise old souls.”

Dr. Sue also took on some controversial areas. She said that the key to enlightened animal welfare is non-judgement. “We create more animals who need to be rescued when we judge the abusers. Some rescue organizations do more damage, because they humans haven’t faced their own wounds, how they themselves need to be rescued. Stop the abuse in the moment, but still send everyone love. There are no victims! The perpetrator is teaching us to find our voice.”

She added that, “The way to get rid of feral cats is when they are no longer needed.  Feral cats help the energy in poverty places.  We won’t need to rescue animals when we no longer need to be rescued.  Eliminate poverty and there will no longer be feral cats.”

Dr. Sue further shared that , “It is all about being non-judgemental.  Rather than judge animal suffering, we must honor it and value the lessons the animals are teaching us.  Lots of people who work with shelters and rescue have themselves been abused.  They are all about drama.”  There must be a shift to compassion, acceptance, and healing.

Wow….I could go on, but I’ll just say that we will let you know when Dr. Sue is offering classes and workshops.  We will put it on our Event Calendar.  What a powerful evening of wisdom and community for us ZenCats!

Will soon be adding our next ZCG Social Salon coming up in May!  Don’t miss any of these montly gatherings of feline fanatic fun & creativity!  Share with your circles as help us create a vibrant community of cat lovers!

See you at our May Social Salon!

(If you know of an artist who may be interested in showing their artwork in our online gallery, send them out website link please!)

~Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary


Boy are we cooking up some FUN-TASTIC upcoming ZCG Social Salons! Feline fanatics need some frolic time with one another! So we are creating a series of upcoming events sure to be “the cat’s meow!” On Friday, April 19th from 6-8pm we are gathering at Panera in Clintonville in the Community Room for an evening with the fabulous Dr. Sue!!! Sue Wagner, DVM is an adjunct faculty member at OSU College of Veternary Medicine and also on staff at MedVet. She is a truly gifted animal intuitive in addition to being an expert in the field of veternary medicine specializing in holistic animal care.

Dr. Sue’s topic is “What Cats Teach Us About Ourselves!” She will share stories and answer questions, as well as have her books on hand! We ask that you bring your appetite for Panera’s delectable fare, as well as a 5 pound bag of kitty food! These will be donated to the PetPromise “City Kitty” Program to support feeding their foster kitties! Amy Bull, Director of this wonderful program will co-host this event with me!

So what are you waiting for? Send Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and emails to your entire circle of cat loving friends! Tell everyone about our ongoing program of ZCG Social Salons with full details always on our EVENT CALENDAR!!!

See you at Panera in Clintonville on Friday April 19th at 6pm sharp (& don’t forget the kitty food!)

~Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary