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Crackled Raku Cat Set

Crackled Raku Cat Set – SOLD


Artist: Crackled Raku set
Wonderful set of three crackled raku ceramic cats!

About the Artwork:

“These crackle kittes are hand-built from clay, which means they are formed by hand (not thrown on a wheel). Although they are from the same litter, each kitty is individual. They are hollow, so they are not as heavy as you might expect. They wer fired once in a kiln to prepare them for the next step, which is the really fun part! They were fired using a process called Western raku. I glazed them using a clear glaze designed to crackle, then I fired them in an outdoor propane-fired kiln. When they were glowoing red and the glaze was shiny, I took them out of the kiln and put them in a metal trash can with straw and newspapers, which immediately catches on fire! This is the magic part of raku. Once the fire is going nicely, I put the metal lid on the trash can to smother the flame. Fire needs oxygen for fuel, so the fire consumes all of the oxygen left in the trash can, which creates an atmosphere that allows the glaze to crackle.
It’s fun to do raku when it’s chilly outside as the kiln serves the dual purpose of firing pieces and keeping everyone warm!”

About the Artist:

One of my all-time favorite Christmas presents was a Junior Potter’s Wheel. I never quite got the hang of it, but I also never forgot how much I loved playing with the clay. I was also the kid who figured out how to make miniature sculptures out of mud. I painted them with waterclolors and sealed them with craft glue. I actually sold a couple of bird nests, complete with authentic bits of grass and little painted eggs. Fifty cents each at a steam engine show. I was thrilled!
Fast-forward a couple of decades, and my friend and I decided to enroll in a class at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. We chose pottery because the class schedule worked for us, and because I had always wanted to really learn how to work with clay. We decided early on that if our pieces came out ugly, we would name everything, Ashtray.” I pictured an entire series…”Ash Tray I,” “Study in Ash Tray”…and so on. But I persisted, began taking classes from LangWeil Studios in Groveport, OH, and I evntually gained a bit of skill to match my curiosity and desire to learn.
It was natural for me to translate my love of pottery into feline-themed artwork. My husband and I have 5 fabulous kitties. They all found us, and we think they are a fabulous cat family! I read once that during the Great Depression, down-and-out men would draw the sign of a cat near the house of a friendly person who would feed them. Somewhere along the line, a kitty in need of a home must have drawn that sign near our house. Moo, Caterina (Cat-Cat), Fitzpatrick (Fitz), Sissy, and Alex have been wonderful cat models for these pieces.

Dimensions: 0in. × 3.5in. × 5in.

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