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We here at ZenCat Gallery are so thankful for so much.  We thank everyone who has purchased products and donated to our ZenCat Cafe fundraising effort.  We are still hoping to soon reach our goal of $3000.  So please go to our GoFundMe campaign, DONATE any amount you can this Thanksgiving.  Or go to our Imgur campaign and buy some chic shirts!  Imagine how thankful all the kitties will be once they have the ZenCat Cafe!  And we know you will be thankful too!   So just click the button on this page and DO GOOD TO FEEL GOOD.


Also, we decided to have a ZenCat Thanksgiving Contest!  It’s an essay contest & the winner gets a Signature ZCG Yoga Cat Calendar & Button Pack!  We invite you to write the 5 top reasons you are thankful for your cat(s).  And then from your cat’s perspective, the top 5 reasons that your cat is thankful for you!  Send us your essay/list in an email to and of course include a picture of your cat(s).  To give you an idea of what we are looking for, here is the first entry from our very own new ZCG Team Member, Caitlin Barrientos and her big boy cat Ouija.  Meeeooow!


5 Reasons Why I am Thankful for my Cat.


I could list 100 reasons why I am thankful for my cat, but having to choose only 5 was surprisingly difficult. But hey, I somehow managed to do it. Here are the 5 reasons I am thankful for my cat.


  1. His Company

Honestly, my cat is way too needy. Which makes me love him even more, because I’m just as needy as him! We make a perfect pair, since be both love the attention we give each other. When I come home, he’s the first of my boys to welcome me back. And considering his “extra baggage” and general laziness, that’s kind of a big deal.


  1. His Meow

Now I know this seems like a weird one but you guys don’t understand that my cat has the funniest meow.  It’s one I have never heard before.  It’s just all his own and I absolutely love it and that’s all I need to say about it.


  1. His Weirdness

I don’t know if other cat owners know what I’m talking about, but my cat likes to run around the house at top speed for no real reason. Like, one minute he’ll be sitting there all chill. Then suddenly he just books it up and down the stairs for like five minutes. As weird as it is, his silly habit is a part of how he got his name.


  1. His Music Taste

Let me be totally clear that I’m not a good singer. But even with that, my cat loves when I sing to him. Sometimes, I’ll even hold him and sing to him like he’s a big furry baby and he really enjoys it. He’ll even sit on the toilet while I’m in the shower to hear me sing. It’s a nice boost for me to have someone actually enjoy my singing.


  1. His Personality

I’ve had a few cats in my life, but none of them have been as sweet as my big fuzzball. Don’t get me wrong, they were all great cats. But for my entire life, I’ve always been a dog person. But my cat is different than most cats I know. He loves people and the attention they give him. He even gets jealous when I’m spending time with my dog. I’ve never had a cat who is so patient with me, and at the end of the day I’ll always be his favorite being in the world. And that’s like the best thing ever.



5 Reasons Why I am Thankful for my Human


If this list truly reflected as to why I’m thankful for my human, it would involve copious use of the word food. However, she insists that I try to think harder about it. I thought about it, but I didn’t really care. Then she fed me. So, if only to flatter her, here’s 5 non-food related reasons why I am thankful for my human.


  1. Her Kindness

Simply put, my human is a hero. She feeds me twice a day, which saves me from the brink of starvation. I feel like she should feed me at least three more times, but I’m happy with two meals. Ok, so I lied about this entire list being composed of “non-food” things. I like food, ok? It’s literally my favorite thing ever.


  1. Her Friends

For some reason or another, my human seems to enjoy interaction with other humans she calls “friends”. She spends all this time having fun with these friends, when she COULD be loving and feeding me! But I digress, her friends are pretty chill. They give me lots of love and attention, and I certainly wouldn’t object to that.


  1. Her uh…”Meow”?

My human enjoys meowing at me. And by meowing, I mean she makes an odd screeching sound that vaguely resembles a meow. I do my part as her humble cat and teach her the proper way to meow, but she continues to make that ridiculous noise. But it’s whatever, she gives me lots of love when I meow at her so I’m perfectly fine with her weird noises.


  1. Her Loyalty

Whenever my human is needy and is in desperate need to pet the dog or myself, I always rise above that mutt and provide her with the perfect and softest head to pet. I’m just awesome like that. That’s why, whenever I’m feeling needy and want love and affection, my human is the first to give it to me. She understands how important it is for me to get whatever I want, she’s just awesome like that.


  1. Her Personality

My human and I truly are similar in many ways. We both enjoy everything to be cleanly. Whether it’s her kitchen or my litter box, we enjoy to keep our spaces nice and neat. Which is why I can’t fathom what she sees in the dog. Her love of that barking oaf is where the similarities between us end. But that’s what just makes her so great, the fact that she cares about everyone, just like I do. But the fact that she cares about that dog shows how amazing she really is. Can I get some food now?    Ouija

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