“What Cats Teach Us”

What an awesome first ZCG Social Salon with guest speaker, Dr. Sue Wagner, intuitive + holistic veterinarian! It was a warm and cozy gathering as we packed the Clintonville Panera Community Room! I will share some of the great wisdom that Dr. Sue imparted that evening in her talk. She also answered questions from attendees which yielded some amazing answers!

Ok, so I took five pages of notes. Does that show you all what a total cat geek I am, or what?! Lucky for all of you, I’m going to share the highlights. So listen up!

The talk was entitled, “What Cats Teach Us,” however what Dr. Sue imparted was about the bigger picture too. She opened with, “Everything has a vibration.” She proceeded to give us a mini-quantum physics lesson as she explained that we are each a pebble in the pond of energy. And that an energy worker taps into the energy field (of the human or animal) and tunes it up. She shared that as she worked with animals she began to notice that the animal’s behavior or experience was reflecting the people they lived with. The work she does with animals is actually a communication from the animal to their human to teach important lessons and impart important healing information. “Animals are our soulmates to walk our journeys with us and to teach us.”

Dr. Sue taught us about the work of inventor Nikola Tesla, who invented alternating current, and whose Theory of Magnetic Resonance explains how we can work with energetic patterns to change unwanted patterns. Our families have long-standing patterns of energy that when enacted over generations create all manner of wanted and unwanted outcomes, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. She stated that it is is in the very challenges of our lives that our greatest potential and gifts can be discovered. “Something ignites the contrast and allows us to make a choice by free will. In overcoming challenges, we become energy workers. The meaning of life is to shift this stuff and express ourselves.” Animals come in to channel this wisdom and to help us to heal and evolve.

In speaking about the energy of cats, she had this to share with the group! Cats are very good about grounding things. They often hold the space for healing the household. They are less likely than dogs to get connected up with the ego needs of their owners. Dogs will attach more to their humans and reflect/manifest their human’s stuff. Cats are more independent, more themselves. They also heal moreso on their own. They don’t know why or how a cat purrs. However, cats heal each other and themselves with their purring. Purring is energy medicine! A dog’s energetic field is about 10x that of a human. A cat’s is about the size of an entire city block! “Their energy field is so big. They are so connected, more openly intuitive. All cats are wise old souls.”

Dr. Sue also took on some controversial areas. She said that the key to enlightened animal welfare is non-judgement. “We create more animals who need to be rescued when we judge the abusers. Some rescue organizations do more damage, because they humans haven’t faced their own wounds, how they themselves need to be rescued. Stop the abuse in the moment, but still send everyone love. There are no victims! The perpetrator is teaching us to find our voice.”

She added that, “The way to get rid of feral cats is when they are no longer needed.  Feral cats help the energy in poverty places.  We won’t need to rescue animals when we no longer need to be rescued.  Eliminate poverty and there will no longer be feral cats.”

Dr. Sue further shared that , “It is all about being non-judgemental.  Rather than judge animal suffering, we must honor it and value the lessons the animals are teaching us.  Lots of people who work with shelters and rescue have themselves been abused.  They are all about drama.”  There must be a shift to compassion, acceptance, and healing.

Wow….I could go on, but I’ll just say that we will let you know when Dr. Sue is offering classes and workshops.  We will put it on our Event Calendar.  What a powerful evening of wisdom and community for us ZenCats!

Will soon be adding our next ZCG Social Salon coming up in May!  Don’t miss any of these montly gatherings of feline fanatic fun & creativity!  Share with your circles as help us create a vibrant community of cat lovers!

See you at our May Social Salon!

(If you know of an artist who may be interested in showing their artwork in our online gallery, send them out website link please!)

~Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary

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