ZenCat Gallery Website Revised!

It’s Halloween and what a TREAT we get here at ZenCatGallery.com! OUR WEBSITE IS NEWLY REVISED! WE ARE NOW MOBILE FRIENDLY!!! Thanks to our awesome web consultant, CJ’s Web Services, we can now be easily navigated by any mobile device! How cool is that?

Click around and take a test drive of our updated website! Soon we will be building out our Directory to be the cat’s meow of all things feline! (Kind of the Angie’s list of the cat world!) We are currently looking for a ZCG Team Member to assist us with this project. So contact us if you are interested! (Work from home, commission paid, sales experience preferred, and lots of feline fun!)

We will also be adding more products , including real snazzy signature t-shirts, and more art! We have some really unique additions, so visit us often to see what pops up!

We have been working very hard fundraising to create our vision, the ZenCat Café of Columbus. Our new friends at Imgur are running some campaigns with new ZenCat yoga shirt designs, which will appear on our Home Page. There are long sleeved t-shirts and hoodies and sweatshirts for the upcoming cold months. So many color and design choices….click the link on the right and check them out. THEY WILL MAKE AWESOME HOLIDAY GIFTS (HINT, HINT, HINT!) We all know that cats are born yoginis, so let them show off their moves on your very own ZenCat yoga shirt! (All yoga cat designs are done by our very own ZCG artist, Debbie Hicks!)

Our GoFundMe fundraising campaign is still up and running. Donors will receive either a ZenCat Calendar (goes through May 2016) or our ZenCat Yoga poster! Both have received RAVE REVIEWS! These would make your yoga loving feline fanatic friends totally ecstatic, especially when paired with one of our signature ZenCat yoga shirts! (More HINTS!) SO PLEASE DONATE AND BE PART OF CREATING THE ZENCAT CAFÉ OF COLUMBUS!!!

Stay tuned……
Victoria Vetere, ZenCat Visionary

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